There was truth in her words, indeed. He had a liking in this particular color, after all, and in his own view—- it suited perfectly to the Heartfilia heiress.

      —- Then you should.


Her cheeks took on a rose coloured tint as she drank in the subtle smile of her lover. A bashful expression of the same kind flitted across her face before she turned back to the mirror behind her and regarded her reflection. There the blonde caught a glimpse of the price tag and soon her joy deflated and she gave a heavy sigh. 

Maybe at a later date. I don’t have enough jewel…”
    She paused, before looking over her shoulder at the tall male.

Don’t offer this time; I want to buy it myself.”
    A smile tugged at her lips.
   ”Shall I change so we can go?”

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      —— It suits you well.

You think so?”

She takes a moment to spin around in the lilac coloured dress before facing him once more.

I was thinking that since you like purple so much
    that maybe I should add it to my own wardrobe.”

I want him in my bed next to me, on top of me, beneath me.

I want his arms wrapped around me, touching me, making contact with me.

I want his lips pressed against my lips, my neck, my wrists.

I want his warmth around me, surrounding me, filling me.

I want his love, passion, lust.

I want him.

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[ hello it is that time of year again where i make a reappearance ]


modern day au where lucy likes to take a lot of cute selfies on her tablet

plue likes to join in sometimes too

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Pimpchairrr by Idonthaveanynickname

go to the link to see it full size

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Ne, Laxus…”

                       ”Did you know it’s been five months since we started dating?”

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[ forgot to log in yesterday but HELLO MY BLOG IS OFFICIALLY 2 YEARS OLD /throws confetti ]

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