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"Forget what hurt you in the past, but never forget
what it taught you."


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Dating the Sparky Idiot

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{ I n d i e R o l e - P l a y B l o g }


For celestialsummoner  (◡‿◡✿)

If I fall in love with you, I dedicate my life to you. My entire heart becomes yours. My thoughts are always about you. I treasure everything about you, from your perfections to your flaws. If you ever called me, I’d drop everything and run to you. I give myself to you and only you, and if you ever left me, you can be sure that my feelings for you won’t disappear, whether I want them to or not. I don’t fall in love easily, and all I ask is that you love me back.

There’s nothing happy about having your fate decided for you! You have to grab your own  happiness!


 ϟ 全能 ——-   In which a miscellany of reminiscences would flash up his mind, all of them centered in a particular occurence; their first date. It started quite abruptly— out of the blue Lucy made a suggestion for dinner. And in all honesty, the offer came at the right time, knowing that the S-class mage was as hungry as a wolf. Let alone, it was the beginning of their relationship— of a new step in life. And he was beholden that everything was going smoothly, in the right way. Surely, life does not involve only rainbows and lollipops. Difficulties and obstacles would make an appearance, testing their feelings and the will to remain  u n i t e d. The manifestation of lightning sworn to protect her until his last breath. Alas, so long as things betwixt them were like this, everything was as good as gold.

               A chuckle would abscond his existence, as complexions slightly widened at the sight beyond him. Finally— they have almost arrived. It would take them only a few steps in order to reach out for the building. Regardless the fact that there were traces of clamor, they were nothing in comparison to the pandemonium that he grants his foot every day. Besides, the pleasant atmosphere was enough to exhilarate him, and having the Celestial mage by his side was more than enough to luxuriate every moment. De facto, food would suffice for the time being. Up next, there were different plans. Akin to this part, but when it comes to the final ‘chapter’, everything goes on a whole other level. Of course, in rather good terms.

               He could tell that nervousness existed in her, merely with the responses given. She was still to get used to their current establisment amid them. And Laxus, would offer her as much time as she needed, to have such fact bestowed upon her mind.


      The food is really good. Besides, you love this place, don’t you?
        Ain’t my fault if that cute blush of yours won’t fade away.
        But mind you, it suits you.

The compliments took their toll on the celestial mage, her lips pursing together as she flushed once more. They were now at the restaurant, the sound of merriment flooding from the inside out. The atmosphere eased her some, helping her rid of her flustered feelings and allowing for her to soak in the good vibes radiating from the satisfied customers of the family restaurant. A dazzling smile graced the lips of the blonde woman as she led her male companion towards the hostess, asking kindly for a table for two. It seemed she recognized them, either by serving or by hosting them, and made small talk about how cute the two of them were. So used to denying any relationship, it was nice for Lucy to simply give her thanks as she sat at the appropriate seat. After handing the two of them their menus, the hostess departed, leaving the blonde duo as alone as they could get in their booth. 

Painted fingernails tapped at the laminated pages of the menu, sifting through possible meal choices while a hum sounded from betwixt her pink lips. There were several dishes that seemed to be of interest, though the suggested special composed of a pasta and breaded chicken combo called the attention of the blonde woman. Her mouth practically watered at the sight of the specified meal’s picture, and she memorized the name in a second before closing her menu and setting it down. Folding her hands atop the table, Lucy gave a lopsided grin to her lover, the redness of her face dimming to a light rose.

So what else are we doing today, big guy?” she asked.


Who indeed~.

"No need to be shy ‘bout it Lucy~ its pretty obvious from how you two act that you’ve done it." A happy sigh expelled from the lush; her friend, bless her, finally ascended into being a true woman, and as her friend, it was only right she offer congratulations.


Arms then snaked around the blonde’s waist for a friendly squeeze, digits giving the patches of bare skin a light graze. “Let’s toast this occasion by drinkin’~!”

The celestial mage flushed a deep scarlet, glaring over her shoulder at the drunkard as she continued to squirm. “We don’t act like anything!” she protested. “What the hell are you talking about?!”

Feeling the woman’s arms wrap around her and her fingers tease at her exposed skin, the blonde groaned loudly. “You celebrate everything by drinking.” After grumbling, Lucy paused, before looking slowly back at Cana with a furrowed brow. “Maybe just a little… for me…”


"Your welcome." Asuka smiled and held up the small box wrapped in regular paper, pretty messy. "Your present!"


The blonde gladly took the present, brilliant whites shown off to the gunslinger pair’s daughter as she weighed it in her hands. “I wonder what’s inside!”


 ϟ 全能 ——-   His gaze was piercing the view beyond him as he was absorbing every single word that was escaping the Heartifilia’s subtle lips. No alteration of expression, nor exemplar of rostrum. The light breeze that was blowing towards their direction did well in improving the mood even if slightly, and making the abominable heat tarnish. He offered no attention to the citizens. He just focused on this simplistic conversation between them. He did not wished for someting flamboyant. Simpicity is what was the most estimated. So long as both sides are satisfied, there was no need to alter these schemes.

     Good to know it.

               A buoyant, yet genuine curved form remained upon his face. The place wasn’t far away, and of course— it was the one that they had their first date on. It was Lucy’s suggestion, and he could perfectly recall that upon his reminiscences. Besides, the food had its quality, but the companionship shared was what made it even better. And that was the first part of his plans. It was apparent that there was more to transpire, and make this day unforgettable for the Celestial mage. For now, words would be satisfactory enough, comparing to actions. And offering a response at her query was what he was bound to do.

      It was dull, i should say. But i got no complaints.
        At least, it has improved now.


The walk to their desired location rang familiar in her mind and Lucy soon realized the path they were taking was none other than to the location of their first date after solidifying their relationship. Chocolate hues lifted to scope out the expression of her lover and only found, unsurprisingly, a collected expression, a complete contrast to the flustered look upon the celestial mage’s own visage as she pressed her face to his shoulder, hiding it though she was sure he could picture her expression perfectly. After all, he had made her pull the same face time and time again. 

Flattery struck her in time with her embarrassment, remembering the first time they had gone out together as a couple bringing a quick beating of her heart in her ears. He had remembered… and while it was surprising, it really wasn’t. The lightning mage would never admit it, but Lucy was well aware that there were some things he held sentiment to. And to find that their date, their relationship as a whole, was one of those things made her happier than any words or gestures could’ve.

I'm glad…” she started softly, finally parting her face from his arm and looking forward again, seeing the restaurant come closer into view. A bashful, almost amazed chuckle passed her lips as she looked back up to Laxus.

Any particular reason for taking us to this particular restaurant? Other than trying to force me into taking on a permanent blush?”


"Happy birthday to you!
 Happy birthday to you!
 Happy birthday Lucy!
           Happy birthday to you!!!”


Ah, Asuka!” Lucy said, smiling happily to the small girl. “Thank you!”


 - Happy Birthday to our beloved princess! - 


 ϟ 全能 ——-   Comprehension and time were the consummate connotations that she was in need. And the lightning user was capable to offer them to her. Of course, he wasn’t the one that held adeptness when it comes to seriously established relationships, unlike those that subsist only for a night. When it comes to sentiment and heart content, he could become the epitome of perplexity. Things that others would consider as easy to deal with, to him— it was a true challenge. A worthy one, he shall never disavow.

               But now, executing his plans was the best option that he had in mind. A nod was all what he offered as a response as he started walking. His pattern of gait was canonical, nay idle. No one was rushing them, thus there was no need to hurry either. His grip tightened slightly, as his wide open palm that was placed above her side, would flippantly stroke her flesh. Sometimes, such gestures could transpire without given his recognition. Merely because he was too focused on this whole situation. He wasn’t nervous. Hell, that would be ludicrous. This atmosphere of awkwardness was what made things tough, and caused the lack of conversation amid them. But this couldn’t remain for longer. Someone had to break the ice. And since Lucy is constantly that one, Laxus shall make the exception.

      How was your day so far?


Warm fingers danced atop the exposed flesh of her side and sent sparks—pun not intended—through her veins. She flushed once more, the constant rush of blood to her cheeks almost dizzying her, but even knowing this Lucy couldn’t help but focus solely on that hand, too aware of the man at her side, leading her to their first destination for the day. Not wanting to be upstaged for she knew that the lightning mage was as weak to such sentiments as she was—though he did not display all that obviously for her—the blonde female leaned in against him, walking at his side in close proximity.

It was good,” she answered, doing her best to alter the point of focus from his hand to the upcoming street ahead as well as the civilians passing ‘round them. “I woke up to your gifts which made me really happy and I took a long bubble bath before trying on the coat and setting the flowers into a vase.” The recent memory had her smiling now, her heart palpitating at the consideration and surprise from her lover.

And yours? Have you had a good day so far?”

july 1st— happy birthday, lucy heartfilia!


 ϟ 全能 ——-   Bewildered, he gazed at the manifestation of  b e a u t y. Ah, apparently she was still not used to such demonstrations, especially performed in public. But the artificial Dragon Slayer showed no significance to his surroundings, as he focused on the feminine facade beside him. A masculine arm made its way around her back, enwrapping her sans hesitation, bringing her closer to him. Food would suffice.. for the time being. After all, it was a special day for the Heartfilia heiress. For now, he remained on gazing at her with the same expression. Perhaps he could take slight advantage from this.

      — What?”


Despite dating for what felt like a good while now, Lucy still had yet to wrap her mind around the fact that Laxus wanted her, loved her. So when he pulled her close to him, she pressed her flushed face to his chest to hide her embarrassing expression. Had they been in a more secluded area, she would’ve reacted differently; she would’ve played his game better, made the move to kiss him carelessly on his lips or his jaw or neck to rile him up. But they were in public, in an area where people could see him with her and assume their relationship and either awe or gossip—not that she cared, really; it was the fact that they were watching that had her flustered—and Lucy was rendered unable to play.

N-Nothing…” she answered softly, before looking to him. “Sh-Shall we?”


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      Well, i do have some plans. 
        And one of them is to fill our stomachs.

 ϟ 全能 ——-   The moment such respond eluded his lips, was the moment where his upper structure leaned forward, towards hers. With a wide open palm placed upon golden strands, he accompanied such gesture with his lips applied on the top of her head, for a brief moment only. In a split second later, he returned to his normal height, with a sterling curve engraved upon manly visage.

      No need to thank me.
        Good to know that you liked them.


It wasn’t all that often that Laxus allowed for public displays of affection—or perhaps he did; she was often too busy focusing on him to really register their location or surroundings—so when she felt the applied pressure to her forehead, the Heartfilia princess flushed. The heat reached the expanse of her face down her neck and when she stared up at her lover, she could feel the impossible red colour on her face deepen further.