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                Still hurt with her words, he allowed actions of affections. Nothing coming from him. Instead, he remained still— Stubborness? Distrust is the least thing to expect from her, considering the fact that he has been nothing but loyal to her. He made promises that he does not intent to shatter. Had he sensed something’s wrong, he would have spoken to her, instead of acting behind her back. He is a man with honor and pride, and such characteristics of personality remained intact, and will remain in the same way.

                Now, allowing her words to echo his ears, he let a sigh to escape his lips. God knows how this insecurity was created. Indeed, Laxus was blessed with likeable lineaments, that were pleasant to a woman’s eye. Yet, none of them held any significance as he had his eyes for a chocolate pair only.

      I can forgive you with a snap of my fingers, if more so.
           But what i’m strugglin’
                       I never gave such rights, after all.

                                Where all this trust you had for me went to, Lucy?


It’s hard t-to explain—”

Her fingers twiddled together in a nervous manner, her thoughts jumbled and her voice stuck in her throat. What was she supposed to say anyway? She was in the wrong here, she knew this. Laxus was not the asshole that people liked to depict him to be, at least not anymore. And he made his love for her so evident even with a lack of words… she was horrid…

It’s not that I don’t trust you,
 or that you did anything to make me feel insecure
 or like you made me withdraw my trust; I trust you still…

 and I know, I know, Laxus, that you’re faithful to me
 and I am so thankful for that. It’s just—

 It’s my own fears that make me insecure, okay?
 My own worries that you will someday leave me…


 And I know it’s too much to ask to ask you for forever,
 so I guess… it’s the indefinite time we have together
 that makes me feel like I have to compete…
 like you’re going to go away…

                         at any moment…”

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profugusveneficus said: {{ I shall think about it. When I do, I’ll let you know! And I see. I guess every fandom you go to will have some sort of drama. It’s alright. I’ve been playing after I come home from work. To de-stress myself since I’m always tired. Summoner name~? }}

[ Okie dokie, sounds good! And yeah… oh well. Sometimes it seems like that community swims in drama but it never lasts too long. My summoner name is hurricanemeg. What’s yours? ]

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Lucy and Aquarius by genniieeee

Holy shit! I want this on my wall now!

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[ people complaining about Lucy being a Mary Sue in the tags

cackling because they probably haven’t caught up with the manga 8) ]

profugusveneficus said: {{ No but I thought of making one before. A Rengar actually lmao but I do play League quite frequently~ }}

[ You should do it! Like, if you really want to. The community in general is very nice but I won’t lie, there are outbursts of drama. But despite all of it, so long as you stick around the nice people, you’ll have a good time.

I’ve been playing a lot of League lately x_x ]

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profugusveneficus said: {{ You have a League blog o: asdgkl <3 }}

[ hehe, yeah i do! do you have one? O: ]

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[ anyway, looks like ill be off for now. gonna head out and go to the lake with some friends. ]

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[ I realized that there’s a lot of outdated things that can be located on my navigation and while I’m still on semi-hiatus, I’m going to try my best to update those things (threads, relationships, headcanons, etc.) over time.

I’m mostly on my Vi role-play blog for League of Legends so if you’re interested in looking around there and talking to me there, please feel free to. ]

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          Had she not known Rogue as she did now, and had only the impressions from the Games – she would understand the surprise that would write itself across almost anyone’s face when she confessed her relations with them. They were an odd pair to the unknown eye, but she knew there really were more to them both – Frosch seemed to make it her mission to make sure everyone knew too. Levy still stepped on eggshells around the Tiger infested guild, in case she had blurted something else out. (Not that she could do worse than the time she proclaimed they were mating). But overall Levy had no regrets, and in the end she knew she would be glad to know Rogue as she did.

          The change in Lucy was noted with a near childish glee. It was not often that she got to be the questioner, and to see someone else squirm – she understood why some got pleasure out of teasing her. Right now it was just a friendly pester, it held no malice and if Lucy did become too uncomfortable she would not pursue it; she could live off rumors, or maybe dare to keep an eye on Laxus’ actions. He had loosened up considerably as of late – and now she knew why. A grin pulled on her face and slowly it would soften upon the flustering demonstrated by her friend, another nudge being given, almost as if to calm her, or invite her to utter the words on the tip of her tongue.

          “Three months with Laxus huh…~ So the rumors I’ve been hearing are true! I don’t blame you for not telling me that’s okay, you being with Laxus is as surprising as me with Rogue-kun. At least it would seem that way… But you’re happy, right Lu-chan? That’s all that matters!

Hearing the verbal support of the shorter woman eased Lucy some, though she remained in her flustered state as she continued to walk the streets of Magnolia alongside her friend. Rumours… she could only guess where they had started. Within the guild, there was no where safe for their ‘secret’—it was anything but, really, but they didn’t display so much to make it so damn obvious—so she reckoned that this sort of reaction was to have been expected. After all, we have Mira and Cana keeping their eyes on us…

You could say that,” she responded, giving a bashful grin. “And yes I’m happy. Happier than I could’ve imagined, really. A-And I know that sounds sappy but—” The woman chuckled, continuing in a softer, quieter voice.

It’s been a long time coming, you know? I always entertained the fantasy of ‘what if’, but I thought for a while that… that he only saw me as a friend, as someone to tease… you can’t imagine how incredibly happy I was when he kissed me for the first time and expressed that he… loved me too—”

A-Ah! I-I should stop talking! I’ve been saying a lot! H-Haha!” Lucy laughed nervously. “T-Tell me more about you and Rogue, Levy-chan!” she asked in an attempt to redirect the conversation. “Tell me everything!”



'That is life. Lucy. They will wake up eventually.'

I know that,
 but being woken up before you want to wake up isn’t nice!”

Just keep it down, Mystogan!”



'If they'd wake up. I'll just put them back to sleep again?'

Even so! Waking them up in the first place is rude!”

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O-Oi! You shouldn’t be so loud so early in the morning!
  People are trying to sleep!”

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