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"Forget what hurt you in the past, but never forget
what it taught you."

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{ I n d i e R o l e - P l a y B l o g }


The Date || @celestialsummoner


≺ ϟ 全能≻ ——-   Oh? Was his idea this good that she gave her consent on it? It was a miracle that he had such self-control. Otherwise, the glorious smirk would have made its appearance. The one that was reflected upon manly features was a sterling curve. Eyes would pierce the sight beyond him, as his exemplar of rostrum was akin to hers. Idle. No need to rush. After all, in such occasions it’s better to take it easy and slowly, knowing that what they seek is nothing but entertainment. And until now, this evening could be easily circumscribed as perfect. A nice meal, a nice walk, and his companion. Simplicity at its eminence, yet it was the most appreciated. Lucy had acknowledged such fact, quite well— she was nothing like those plethora women that he dated in the past, that looked for nothing else but money. Not that he was looking for such relationship either, but it was time for him to reminisce such feeling again.

               The occupied arm altered its posture, by placing it around her shoulders,— same pose like previously, providing her comfort and warm. And of course, protection. Again, refusal on looking at her beautiful complexions of chocolate, was brisk. Instead, he would hurl glances at his surroundings, knowing that it was getting rather late, and it wouldn’t be a surprise for miscellaneous individuals, that want to cause nothing but harm, will make their appearance. Maybe the Celestial mage hadn’t realized such fact, since she seemed to be to busy hiding the obscure rose shade of her cheeks. It was a rare to see her in this condition, since customarily she wouldn’t have shown much hesitation when these two where out for dinner. However, he couldn’t help but keeping the same facial expression, knowing that he was the reason for causing this. And thus, he has no objections.

               Their trip towards to his place took much more time than predicted, due to their lingering pace. One hand was stuffed at one pocket of his leather pantaloons, and within a second thereafter, he pulled it out— divulging a small, metallic piece— akin to her keys. Yet, his own was nothing the significant in comparison to hers. Soon, to insert it to the lock of the door, and inclining his position, a characteristic sound resonated the atmosphere. Soon, for a palm to push the frame in front of them, enough to enter at his place. In split seconds, he closed the door behind them, whilst switching on the lights. Broad shoulders shifted, as his valuable habiliment fell in his arms. After he would fling it at the couch, the next thing to do, is to break that silence.

      —- No need for me to tell you to make yourself at home, right?


No need at all.”

The smile that Lucy wore for him was warm, happy that their outing had proved successful and that her presence in his home wasn’t something so out of the ordinary that it would cause for awkwardness to arise. She treated his home like one of hers, albeit with a bit more care, and was glad to know he was aware of her comfort within the house. Without hesitation, she brought herself to the kitchen to throw out the cone of her ice cream—she was full now—and to wash her hands before she padded back to Laxus’ side, her arms raising and her toes pushing her up as she stretched. 

When she settled back down on the soles of her feet, Lucy felt the silence settle around them. It wasn’t uncomfortable, actually it was far from that, but it did made other things more evident that the celestial mage wouldn’t have usually given care for. 

They were in his home.


There were thousands of books that illustrated what was expected to happen in a situation like this and unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) for the blonde, she had read quite her fill of such novels. They always depicted couples practically attacking each other with signs of their affection and lust once the doors were closed and talked quite vividly of what a night after a date could end up as. Is that what’s going to happen? The thought made Lucy rigid on the spot, unsure of how to proceed. The usual sense of heat rose to her cheeks, swallowing back her uncertainty as she looked up to Laxus. He looks so calm, she noted, eyeing him up and down. Does he not feel nervous at all?

S-So…” she began, turning her body to face his as she twiddled her fingers behind her back in a a nervous manner. “What… uh, what should be do…?”

[ imagine if (once Ever ‘accepted’ Lucy) Evergreen, Bickslow, and Freed bought that Lucy figurine that the guild sells for Laxus…. ]

L U C Y  H E A R T F I L I A ✿ 

Backtracks a bit— “Right, which was why its hypothetical.” Of course she knew better than to ask something like that. But was she wrong to have a little hope? “Of course. I understand.”

"I’m sorry, Cana…" Lucy said, giving a frown. "May I ask why you were wondering…?"


≺ ϟ 全能≻ ——-   Score. That was exactly the expression that he was craving to see. And to make sure tat she would retain it, his subtle flexor, known as his tongue escaped from its position, applying itself for a brief moment above his lips, and in a second later, it returned back to its former place. Masculine arms folded thereunder his exposed chest, as he decided to remain like this for a little longer. And yet, a forefinger would point at his wardrobe.

      Though i like this sight quite a lot, it would be more comfortable for you to change.
        Thus, you can use one of my shirts. They suit you a lot.


He was most definitely doing it on purpose, teasing her with the small lick to his lips. Chocolate hues followed the movement of the muscle as it darted out and retracted back into his mouth, her breathing hitching for a moment as she clutched her towel tighter. She wanted to kiss him badly, as she always seemed to find herself desiring when they were alone, but the fact that both of them were less than properly clothed somehow made her more hesitant.

R-Right,” she said, nodding at his suggestion. Assuming he’d do her the respectful thing and turn around, she padded over to the lightning mage’s wardrobe, opening it and picking one of his deep purple button up shirts before she closed it and let the towel fall to her feet, her back turned to him just in case. After getting into her undergarments, Lucy slipped into the male’s shirt, buttoning it up and smoothing it down her figure.


Also thank you, Laxus…” she said, referring to his earlier compliment, still flustered as she looked to him, a small bashful smile on her lips.


                            you put your arms { around } me and I am HOME


     —- Hmm?

≺ ϟ 全能≻ ——-   Oho? It appears that luck stood by his side. The arousing sight of the beauteous female was enough to make his characteristic, oblique smirk to appear upon his face. Oh, how much he enjoyed teasing her, God knows. And being in such situation, he would make sure to see the particular vintage rose shade, upon her cheeks. For now, having his upper torso completely exposed, instead of covering it with a shirt, he decided to toss it, as he approximated the shorter figure. Lowering his height, enough to reach hers, an eyebrow heightened in amusement.

      What is it?


The moment she saw that smirk, Lucy knew she was done for.

The scantily clad blonde blushed profusely, the rose tint of her skin reaching from her hairline to the swell of her breasts. As she watched the half naked dragon slayer step towards her, his upper body just as nude as she was beneath the towel, she flushed a deeper shade, wiggling as she lowered his height to match hers. Damn this man—

N-Nothing,” she said, clutching her towel. “J-Just… I-I’m sorry for w-walking in on you.”


And done.


≺ ϟ 全能≻ ——-   Zipping back his pants, whilst a sigh of alleviation escaped from him, for a moment he thought of turning his attention towards the Celestial mage. Yet, realizing how awkward this whole situation was, it was better to make his way out of the room. After closing the door behind him, making his way towards his bedroom, in order to change his attire was the next plan. He would admit that her company was what he needed the most.

Once Laxus exited the bathroom, Lucy gave a sigh of relief, rinsing off the rest of her suds before she finally stepped out of the bath. After draining the water and drying herself enough with her towel, Lucy wrapped it around her body and made her way towards Laxus’ bedroom where she had left her things and where she would find a shirt of his to wear around the house…

As she opened the door, Lucy was met withe sight of Laxus.



"Hey Lucy...quick question, completely hypothetical of course- but would you ever allow anyone to 'borrow' any of your keys? Hypothetically speaking."

Cana… I have an idea of what you’re asking and as much as I love you and want to make things convenient, I would never lend out my keys. You understand, right?”



≺ ϟ 全能≻ ——-   Obscure mandarine complexions widened at the sight in front of him, which could be circumscribed as exquiste. Albeit he couldn’t have a consummate view, this was more than enough to please him. Had he been in an optimum condition, he would have certainly approached her in an alterative way. But for now, there were other priorities. And one of them, was to do as natured called him.


      Well there, excuse me for intrudin’—-
         my own freakin’ place. His pattern of respiration became labored. He felt a certain flexor ready to explode.

      ———- I need to pee. And so, he unzipped his pants.

Yeah but—!” Lucy had been about to argue when she heard the very distinct sound of his zipper being pulled down. Giving a yelp, Lucy spun around in the tub, facing the wall with her face a bright red. What the hell was he thinking?!

Laxus…” she whined.



≺ ϟ 全能≻ ——-   He shouldn’t have drank too much water, but it was inevitable. Freed can be rather stubborn and forcing his leader to try out his new recipe of winged fish, wasn’t a good idea. Now, having both arms covering his private area, placed thereabove the leather pantaloons, he was making his way in a rapid exemplar of rostrum, towards his bathroom. A few drops of sweat were falling from his forehead as he finally reached his destination. Soon, to open the door and—-

             —- What THE—


Lucy had been about to exit the tub and change into something comfortable to lounge around in Laxus’ home—preferably one of his shirts since they proved to  somehow be the most comfortable item of clothing she’s ever had the pleasure to wear—when she heard the door swing open, her eyes shifting to look at who in the world could’ve come in—



Ah~ Baths are the best after missions!”

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